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What is a Factory Outlet? - In the past 10 years we have seen a huge growth in the number of Factory Outlets in Australia and in fact internationally, so much so that it has now become a trend to use the term ‘outlet’ on promotional material and advertising.

A Factory Outlet is a manufacturer-owned store selling that firm’s closeouts, discontinued merchandise, irregulars, cancelled orders, and, sometimes, in-season, first-quality merchandise.


Having said that, in more recent times, some manufacturers have consolidated into mega companies that own many labels and sell via Factory Outlets that offer many brands. Alternatively we find companies that provide Factory Outlet distribution for several manufacturers. 


How do I use this website? - The website is easy to navigate. Search for outlets by area, category or keywords, check out their pages for contacts, location, products and general information. We have got more than 3000 Australian factory outlets listed on our directory!


Do I have to pay for the service? - No, the contents of this website are available for free!


Where can I find your Privacy Policy? - Please read here our Privacy Policy.


Can this website help me locate a specific item from an individual store? - No, we are sorry. Please try getting in contact with the specific store, or searching our database by keyword or by category.


Who can I ask about the outlets’ contact information? - If the contact information you are looking for is not available on the store page, we can’t help you. Please try writing to the brand customer care service. 


Who can I ask about the outlets’ opening hours? - If the information you are looking for is not available on the store page, please call or write to the outlet. You can find the contact details on the outlet page.


Who can I ask about products ( brands, models, stock, sizes, etc.. ) sold in store? - If the information you are looking for is not available on the store page, please call or write to the outlet. You can find the contact details on the outlet page.


Who can I ask about any in store sales or promotion? - If the information you are looking for is not available on the store page, please call or write to the outlet. You can find the contact details on the outlet page.


Who can I ask about how to get to a factory outlet by car or by public transport? - You can write or call the store directly, or you can ask Google maps to calculate your route or about the public transport services. Just click on the map on the outlet page and Google maps will open in a new tab/window.


How can I report incorrect information? - Please contact us. We will check and amend our records as soon as possible. 


Who should I report a complain about a product bought in store? - Please get in contact with the store, or with the brand customer service. 


Can I buy products from the website? - Yes, visit Online Factory Shopping, we make shopping more rewarding and enjoyable for our consumers!


Where can I find out about retail job opportunities at the outlet centers? - Try writing an email to the business human resources office or calling them by phone.  You can find the contact information on the outlet page.


What is the Bargain Hunters Club? - The Bargain Hunters Club aims to provide you with high quality information in regards of new factory outlets opening and special offers designed exclusively by our partners for our members.


How can I join the Bargain Hunters Club? - Subscribe here.


How much does it cost? - It’s free, and it will always be free!


How can I unsubscribe the newsletter from the Bargain Hunters Club?

Write us through the email account we send the newsletter to and specify that you would like to not receive it anymore. OR click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the newsletter.




Why should I join you? - Promote the name of your business, make your contact information in easy reach of the costumers, give them the possibility to send you emails and to visit your website with just one click. Promote your services by adding a full description of your business (unlimited text), the products that you sell and your logo and other images. Please click here to see how the listing looks like. Access your statistical information, so that you know exactly how many times your listing is seen on our sites, and update it or make changes any time you like, 24/7.


How can I be listed on the directory? - Go to the Join Us page, insert the details of your business and create your listing. It takes less than 2 minutes!


How much does it cost? - Enjoy this opportunity of joining the Australia's leading Factory Outlet Shopping website now for free.


What is a Featured Listing and what services do you offer? - The featured listing is the perfect marketing solution for advertising online a new opening, or for attracting new customers on existing outlets. Visit this page for more information!


What are the benefits of a Featured Listing? - Much higher exposure than a free listing, hence an increased number of customers for your store! Find out what are the other benefits.


How can I become a Featured Outlet? - Please contact us.


How much does a Featured Listing cost? - The featured listing costs $500 per month and it can be renewed monthly. Please contact us for more information.


How can I advertise on the website? - Broadcast your banner or video promo across the website! Find more information at this page.


How much does advertisement on the website cost? - We offer various advertising opportunity suitable with your budget. Please contact us to know more.


Can I sell products through the website? - Yes, you can. Please go to the About Online Factory Shopping page and contact us to know more.


How can I change details of my listing? - Please contact us for changing any detail of your listing.


I have lost my password and/or my username. How can I retrieve them? - Write us through the email account you used for registering and we will send you back the information you need.


How can I reset my password? - Write us through the email account you used  for registering. Tell us your desired new password and we will change the settings and write you back right away.


How can I become a testimonial? - Go to the Testimonials page and feel free to leave a comment in the dedicated box. We are interested in your opinion and we care about it. Help us better satisfy your expectations!


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