Advertising Program offers great advertising opportunity within and throughout the website, providing high visibility to our partners/advertisers. New functionalities have been included to better assist our users and our partners in interacting with the website. is the perfect showcase for those businesses that desire targeting their marketing campaign to an online audience, familiar with the factory outlet market and seeking great deals and bargains both for online purchases and in-store.


Our advertising program consist on making available across the website dedicated space for those factory outlets who want to advertise their own campaign on

  • Create your banners and promote your products, your brands, your special offers or any other marketing initiative. 
  • Create your video promo for you products, brands, special offer or any other marketing initiative.

We offer 3 advertising packages, which correspond to 3 levels of visibility: 

  • Package 1: 80,000 impressions per month 
  • Package 2: 160,000 impressions per month 
  • package 3: 400,000 impressions per month  

If you are interested in another kind of investment (lower or higher budget, lower or higher visibility, short term or medium term or long term) we also provide consultancy for customized advertising options that suit your needs.


Our users are the perfect target for your campaign! They are always looking for bargain and they are oriented to saving money both for shopping in store and online. 


Please contact us to know more about our advertising program and for having a quote.

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