The Essential Nature of Factory Outlets

The Essential Nature of Factory Outlets is that they are selling a combination of end of season stock, slightly damaged stock, ex display stock, samples and a series of other products that they are not able to sell out of retail outlets at full price. So it means excellent potential for bargains!!

This being the case it becomes invariable that as this stock runs down and only a few items remain, the price of the remaining items is greatly reduced to clear the end to this stock. I have personally bought Fila Jeans for under $10.00 and Valentino shirts for $20.00 to mention just a few.

Generally speaking it is when you search through the last of the range stock that you are able to find a truly great deal - this of course requires some patience and generally the assistance of the staff. Resist the urge to just purchase because it 'appears' to be a good deal (this is of course unless 'the budget' is not an issue).


The 'Art Of Finding The Deal requires the following principles be applied - Never 'impulse buy' products unless they are totally discounted i.e. 90% OFF the retail price. Go out with a definite plan of what your looking for and how much you are prepared to spend.


Always ask for assistance from the staff, they are your doorway into getting a great bargain, they know what is in stock and what is available in the 'back room'
Factory Outlet stock generally can not be returned, so make certain about what you are purchasing, take a break and get a coffee - do you really want it? Can you see yourself wearing it after this season? Is it going to solve the purpose which you purchased it for? or are you buying it just purely for the price?

A truly great deal means buying a product that you will get years of use from and paying a fraction of the recommended retail price. If you can combine these two principles and purchase products that you love and enjoy using, then you truly have conquered 'the art of the deal'. Happy Shopping!

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